Thursday, July 30, 2009

This week...

Only one more week until...back to school! Here are some pictures of our week.
I went to school for a couple of hours this week. That is about all Paisley can handle (and look at the mess she managed to make in about the first 5 minutes). Next week, I have a couple days of baby sitters so I can actually get my room ready.

Paisley got a chance to play in the puddles last night. She though it was hilarious! Throwing rocks in the puddle was her favorite! I love her reflection in the water in this picture.

We met Janelle and Adria Nassim for lunch at Qdoba today. They are both home for a few weeks at the same time, before heading back to school. I used to spend every day with them when I worked at Dr. Nassim's office and was their "nanny." We reminisced about all the fun we used to have and had a great lunch. I miss those girls!

Myrtle Beach

We went to Myrtle Beach last week. Danny and Stella and the family asked us to join their vacation. We were very excited for the invite, since we didn't think we were going on a vacation this summer. It was a wonderful trip and Paisley's first one to the beach. Overall...a huge success!
Paisley helping us "pack."
On the road...

What an AWESOME traveler! Made me ready to go on another trip!

The "wet" sand was her favorite. I love this action shot of the watery sand.

We had to shop a little. Made a stop at the Disney store and had to pose with Pooh!

Aunt Krista, Aunt Holly, and Rodney. Sibling love!

How cute?!?!

Gotta love it! ;)

I absolutely LOVE these pictures!

We went out for a very nice dinner on our last night in Myrtle Beach. It was the most relaxing dinner ever! Paisley had a very exhausting week...she slept through the entire meal. I honestly don't remember the last time that has happened, its been several months. Perfect evening!

We were all packed up and on our way home. I don't think Paisley could have been any more relaxed. This picture cracked me up! Looking a lot like Daddy in that picture! ha!
Such a wonderful vacation! So thankful for the opportunity! Many, many more pictures, but I won't bore everyone with all the sand pictures.

Lunch Date

A couple of weeks ago Paisley and I met Mickey and Landon and Krissann for lunch. When we were in school, we met at El Nopal (formerly Los Indios) for a weekly "meeting" to rant and rave about all of our student teaching experiences. So of of course we had to meet there, for old times sake. Here's a picture of the babies (Paisley and Landon)...growing up quick!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random pictures

Paisley's new favorite the fridge! What a goofball!

Ooohhh...isn't she cool!

Swinging on a new swing Grams got for her at a yard sale. She loved it!

Laying on the kitchen floor. A book and a baby doll, what more could a girl ask for!

4th of July

4th of July this year was spent at Mike and Donna Schmidt's. They always have a pretty big party, this year was no exception. Paisley loved playing all evening. She has this obsession with men. Didn't want anything to do with a single girl the entire night, even me! Her favorite was Mike Rawert...good choice Paisley! She was in love. He did whatever she chips, feed her fruit, let her put her feet in the pool, go outside, go inside, and right back again. He was so sweet to her! Thanks for your patience Michael!

Eye Update

Well, its been an interesting past couple of weeks. I had Lasik surgery on June 25. Woke up the next day and realized I could see out of my right eye, but the left was extremely blurry. Went to see Dr. Pugh. Overcorrected. Not a good thing. However, it was only the day after, so it will improve he said. Went back on Tuesday and Thursday the following week. A little improvement, but not much. So after seeing him on Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday...I got a contact for my left eye so that I could actually see. My vision was pretty bad until then (constant headache because my eyes were trying so hard to focus but just couldn't, and no driving). Thank goodness mom and I are both teachers and have the summer off, she was a great driver for the week! I go back to Dr. Pugh this Friday to see what he thinks at this point. The plan will probably consist of surgery again on the left eye in 3-6 months. Unless I wake up one morning and can is possible!

Swimming at the Uhl pool

Here are some pictures of our swimming adventures at Todd and Lisa Uhl's pool. Unfortunately, Paisley is not a big fan of the water. I think its because she can't be as independent as she likes when she's in the pool. We tried her on and in everything I could think of...she whined in everything! Needless to say it was not very enjoyable. We'll try it again soon though.

Nana and Paisley.

Paisley wasn't really sure what to think of the big dog! She tried hard to like her.

Enjoying a nice little lunch.

Ready to go home!

18 month check-up

Last week we took Paisley to see Dr. Nassim for her check-up. She has had major stranger anxiety lately and screamed the entire time Dr. Nassim was checking her out. After she was finished and was just talking to us, she got to see some of her personality. She was a little more friendly then!
50 and 55th percentile for height and weight. Height: 32 inches. Weight: 25 1/2 pounds. Perfectly healthy. Soooo blessed!!!!!

Yogurt Mess!

Possibly feeding herself yogurt was a bad idea!