Sunday, August 30, 2009

A visit with Auttie and Christian

Autumn and Christian came to play on Friday night! Autumn and I had a great time catching up. It had been a while, and it was greatly needed! I missed you, best friend! Texting, emailing, and the occasional phone call just isn't the same.
Paisley and Christian had a blast together. They saw each other just a few weeks ago for Christian's first birthday party, but didn't get to play much at all. No Rob, of course Christian didn't play with any dolls (yeah right)!
I was very surprised I was able to capture any decent pictures of them at all, but I they are!
Cutest kids ever, of course!
This is the best picture! Those big eyes will melt hearts!

Paisley thought Christian's hair felt funny I guess. She kept feeling it! Hilarious!

Playing soooo well together.

Is Nemo in there?!?!

Sharing crackers on the Elmo couch. I think at this point Christian had taken one of Paisley's crackers. She wasn't quite sure what to think!

A good-bye kiss! Too cute!

What a great visit with GREAT friends!

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