Monday, May 25, 2009

Marengo Cave

Krista is a tour guide at Marengo Cave this summer. As family, we get a free tour! We all took advantage of that today and had a great time! Krista did a wonderful job, we were all impressed!

A nice little family picture and a picture of Paisley in front of the waterfall.

Mamaw and Papaw (Stella and Danny) Jones.

Paisley with Aunt Holly.

Papaw let Paisley get really close to the little waterfall outside the cave.

Paisley and I inside the cave. Paisley had a wonderful time. She was so relaxed and kept clapping after Krista talked. It was a great time!!!! Thanks Krista for a fabulous tour!

Wing span

Goofy title huh?
We had dinner with the Jones' (Rodney's mom and family) last night and you never know what funny thing Holly and Krista will come up with to do. The project last night...measuring wing spans. Apparently when you hold your arms all the way out and measure from finger tip to finger tip, that is your height. None of us believed that it actually was true, so we had to try it. Krista and I were correct within an inch, Holly and Rodney were off by quite a bit (Rodney's wing span was 6' 2", actual 5' 10"). Paisley however was perfect... 30 inches wing span and actual height! So cute!


We are in the process of building a fence in our back yard. We live right on Hwy. 64 and don't really have a safe place for Paisley to play outside. We have been talking about building this fence and finally took the plunge. Little did I husband is quite the carpenter! We bought all the materials last weekend. Poor Paisley spent the entire day in the car and at Home Depot. Rodney drew all the plans for the fence in his program at work to figure out all the materials and how much of what we would need. We also purchased new outside doors to replace all of our old ones. We live in my grandparents house that we purchased shortly before we were married almost 3 years ago. When we bought the house we had a list a mile long of projects we wanted to tackle. We have made many updates inside, but haven't had the funds to do too much on the exterior....apparently this is the summer for those projects! Fence, doors, paint (the entire outside of the house...bring and paintbrush and join the party anyone)! We are very ready for some very much needed updates and remodeling.

This is Paisley's idea of helping with the fence. She has been very good this week, considering we have been outside every evening "helping" Daddy with the fence. We have a wagon full of blankets and toys that we take out and make our little area. In this picture she is eating some goldfish...gotta have some snacks too!

"Uncle" Colt, Uncle Jordan, and Rodney really working hard on that fence. Gotta tell some stories and of course add in some "adult beverages" and the hole digging kind of isn't quite as productive.

Here Colt and Rodney are actually working on the fence. Thanks Colt, for coming to help! Fix the boy dinner and he works!!!!
Here she is all nice and clean after a shower. Ready for bed...all of us!!!!

Yes, that is me with a power tool. I acutally handled the drill quite well my husband says. I told him I've just never been given the opportunity. Once we got the pack 'n play out for her I could actually help Rodney some.

Our little house from the back. Rodney carrying a section of fence. Our house will look so different without everything white. I can't wait to get that project started.

Here is one section all nice and complete. We actually have all of it done now except for the gate which Rodney is still contemplating how to build. So, in a week Rodney (with my supervision...hahaha!) fenced in our entire back yard for Paisley. We are all looking very forward to just letting her play without constant chasing!!!!! I will take the final pictures this week and post those soon.

Gram's birthday

Rodney's grandma's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Happy Birthday Grams! Here are a few pictures from the cookout at Chuck and Teresa's house.

Our sweet little girl playing outside and having fun with her aunts and family.

Chuck and Teresa (Rodney's aunt).

Rebecka and Sarah (Rodney's sisters).

Grams and Bob (Rodney's grandparents).

Ericka and Terah (Rodney's sisters).

Terry (Rodney's dad).

Our sleepy girl about 5 minutes down the road. She had so much fun but was completely wore out!

So...Rodney has quite a big family. His dad has 4 girls (Rebecka, Sarah, Ericka, and Terah). His mom has 2 daughters (Holly and Krista). Rodney also has 2 step-brothers (Will and Lincoln). Lots of siblings and lots of Aunts and Uncles for Miss Paisley (including Jordan also). We are so fortunate to both have such wonderful families!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day and a few others

Our silly little angel. Look at those baby blues. And once again...someone get that poor child a haircut! It is starting to stay parted a little and go to the side.
On Saturday night we went out for Mother's Day also. We went to Buca di Beppo. It is a great Italian restaurant where the food is served family style. Great meal and some great photo opportunities! Here they are...

Paisley was ready to show me my Mother's Day gifts on Sunday morning...pedicure gift certificates from Rodney (so that I will actually go) and 3 pair of earrings from Ozzie's in Corydon from my darling daughter (which she actually helped pick out). We went to church and then out to eat with mom, dad, Jordan, Nanny, Mamaw, and our little family. It was a great day! I feel so blessed to be Paisley's mommy!!!

By far the best purchase in a while. They are great for church and other "quiet" places. I have only found them at Wal-Mart, and only 2 sets so far. They are little dolls with snap on clothes and hats. One has a high chair and the other has a bath tub. Paisley thinks they are so funny.

We got Paisley this train for Christmas but she was not interested in it at all at that time! She loves it now. We have had it put up and just got it out...brand new to her! Stinks having a birthday and Christmas 4 days apart. Only one set of toys. We had to save some!

I had a haircut appt. this afternoon, so Mamaw Jones (Rodney's mom) picked up Paisley from the babysitters. Mamaw and Aunt Holly had fun with Miss Paisley today. I had the opportunity to run a few errands this afternoon without my little darling.

We went to Nana and Pop's for hamburgers tonight. Paisley suddenly became interested in the woodbox in the living room. She was sitting in it on her own, it was so cute! Who knows why her mouth is open like that...she's one goofy girl!

The school year is coming to a close. Only 7 more days!!!!! Can't wait to spend some quality time with Paisley. She is at such a fun age right now, changing and doing something new every day it seems like. Looking very forward to SUMMER!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick school item

At NH Elementary we have been doing a readathon to raise money for Kosair Childrens Hospital. We have done this for many years ( I did it when I was in elementary school). This year a great group of teachers (myself included :)) changed the whole program to a walkathon. Over the last couple a weeks the kids have been getting donations and gearing up for their day to walk. I had the privelege today to work and supervise 2 of the grades. We had soooo much FUN!!! the kids had a blaring on the track, walking, cornhole, hula hoops, dancing, and of course snack! They rotated from station to station with the help of teachers and some wonderful parent volunteers. My 3rd graders get to walk tomorrow... They are so pumped!!! Me too! Our total for this year so far...over $16,000.00!!!! It is amazing!!! That tops our total donations to Kosair at over $200,000.00 since we have done this project. I feel so fortunate to work at such a great school in a fabulous community! Good to see the kids really caring about helping others!

I'll update about our sweet, wild child, Paisley soon. Lots of pictures to come...when I get the time! End of the school year, it's a VERY busy time!

Friday, May 8, 2009

sick momma I started feeling bad on Wednesday afternoon. I took a sick day yesterday and went to the doctor...strep throat. My throat hurts sooo bad. Paisley was so confused last night because I am still contagious and couldn't really do anything with her. Sick day again today and is it possible that my throat hurts even more today, even after that extremely painful injection to the hip!! Really hoping to feel better by this evening or at least by Sunday for Mother's Day. Rodney has been so wonderful doing everything for Paisley and taking care of me...thanks darlin'!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleeping in...

I am off school today so Paisley and I are spending the day at home!!! The day is starting off wonderfully considering we didn't get up till 10:30!!!!! Thanks Paisley for sleeping in so late!!

Our little chef

So Carolyn (Paisley's babysitter, who also happened to take care of Jordan and I when we were little, could we be any more lucky to have such a wonderful person to take care of our little angel??), back to the story... When I picked Paisley up on Tuesday She came running out to the living room wearing an apron!! Mom was with me to pick her up, and we laughed and laughed. She had been playing restaurant with a couple of the bigger girls (Grace and Maddie). It was priceless. So then I picked her up yesterday and Carolyn tells me this story...she heard Paisley in the kitchen cabinets (never good!!) and when she walked in she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with a cake mix and get this...a pizza pan!!! She is so stinkin' smart! Guess I'm going to have to send a camerafor Carolyn to take pictures (just kiddin of course) bit I would have loved to have a picture of that!!!