Monday, April 27, 2009

Paisley random pics and Girl's Night at Autumn's

So these are all out of order....I've about had it with this tonight!!!!

Friday night I went to Autumn's for a little girl's night. We had a great time reminiscing about some great old times. Whitney brought pictures and Autumn dug some out. We were so innocent back in the day! Those present for the event...Autumn, Me, Amy, Leslie, Jamie, Whitney, Andrea, Mickey, and Megan (Autumn's cousin). Leslie posted the only group picture...check out for that pic. Then we went to play BINGO on Dixie Highway. By far the most fun I've had in a long time!!! Autumn is a PRO! Can't wait to go again! Here's a few pictures...

Andrea's true thoughts about the BINGO event....YIKES!!!

Saturday morning we went for a family breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Paisley was quite hungry...1/2 a pancake and an entire piece of turkey sausage! She looked sooo big!
All dressed up and ready to go to Mommy's school for Show-Off Night on Thursday night. Unfortunately Miss Paisley has become obsessed with not wearing hairbows...very sad for me (and her drawer full of very cute hairbows)!!!
Playing outside on Saturday. The backyard was a little shaded and it felt so wonderful!!! We enjoyed the afternoon as a family!
Sunday morning before church Paisley decided to unroll about 1/2 the roll of TP. She has done this before, but it was just a little. We knew she was too quiet! We were looking for her and said her name...she came sprinting out of the bathroom. I said, "Paisley, what did you do?" She replied with a look of disbelief (eyes wide, mouth big and open). She simply couldn't believe someone did that!!! It was priceless! Classic...every toddler has to do this, right?!?!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The past few days...

So Paisley has been learning her body parts. So far she knows eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, hair, fingers, belly, feet, and sometimes ears and neck. Neck is her favorite because I always tickle her and hear lots and lots of giggles! Mine too!

Helping Daddy unload the dishwasher. She loves it! Every single piece of silverware.
I got the joy of taking pictures of the event instead of unloading!!!

Branched out to helping with the bowls also. The picture doesn't show how she was shaking and grunting as she was holding up the bowl. So funny!
All nice and clean after her bath. Of course, she wouldn't look at me for anything. Doesn't she just look sooooo big in this picture?!?! Growing up quickly!!
Paisley loves her Elmo couch and has been very fascinated with the zipper lately. She doesn't really understand how to zip, or so I thought. She was getting so mad because she was pulling the zipper instead of moving it from side to side. One little lesson and she zipped and zipped. She was so proud of herself when she realized she could zip that little sleeping bag all the way up!
I was fixing supper last night and decided to let Paisley color for a little while. She is still learning that you can't eat the crayons...they are for coloring only!
So studious!!! Hopefully this is a glimpse into the future!
It has been busy around the Crosier house this week. I have Show-Off Night at school tomorrow night and have been super busy! Paisley helped me arrange pictures on a poster last night. We have started a plant unit at school and I have been taking lots of pictures of my cute 3rd graders! We just planted our flowers and grass on April 14th and several are already sprouting up! They were so excited Monday morning to see the growth over the weekend!!!! We have 5 flats of flowers, grass, and a few vegetables. They are having so much fun!
Show-Off Night...we have been creating things for the hallway, classroom, tables, and every spare space in my area! It has been great to do some fun and different things with my kids and not so much work. They have really enjoyed this week getting to be so creative, and I have loved watching them work and learn!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning and Afternoon

Paisley's cute little Easter baskets all ready for her.

She was so excited, she could hardly contain herself. Her friend, Christian got Elmo Live a few weeks ago and Paisley had the chance to play with it. She loved it! The Easter bunny found Elmo Live on sale at Target for $29.99...regularly $59!!!! That silly Easter bunny is a bargain shopper!

Paisley sure does love ELMO!!!!
And this is how I found our dining room floor after I finished getting ready. I thought she was too quiet!!!!
A try for a family photo in front of the stained glass window at church.
Her Easter basket from Nana and Pop. Yes, those are matching suglasses and bathing suit in the front of the basket. Pretty cute! Lots of other goodies inside also! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

Paisley and her cousin, Ethan got a chance to play. He is just learning to walk, but amazingly chased after Paisley most of the afternoon. They had a great time today!!!!
Nanny managed to capture Paisley for a quick hug!!
On to Mamaw and Papaw Jones for the evening...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hugs and Kisses

This week Paisley has been really in to giving hugs and kisses. Last night, today at Nana and Pop's, and just a couple of minutes ago were very sweet moments. She goes back and forth between Rodney and I giving hugs and kisses. She's a little snotty right now, but we don't care. I know someday we won't get those hugs and kisses so freely. We certainly won't hear the sweet aahhaahh when she gives a hug. These little moments with Rodney in the recliner, me on the couch and our sweet little girl loving every minute of being a family!!! God is good!

Easter Egg Hunt

Too cute! Our church has an annual EggStravaganza Easter Egg Hunt. Paisley was too little for it last year, so this was the first one. We have been hiding eggs for her to find for the past couple of weeks all over the house.! We just wanted her to be prepared!
What a look! The age group 0-2 years was in the courtyard. They were contained, which was a great thing for our wild child!
Daddy had to hold her basket for her. She really wanted to do it all herself, but just couldn't quite manage holding the basket and picking up the eggs. We had a few spills.
I can hardly believe how fast Paisley is growing up. She is becoming so independent. She would rather do everything on her own than to have Rodney or I help her. The sad part, she doesn't need us for much. We are so fortunate to have such a good and smart baby girl!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Paisley and Spaghetti...need I say more!

Paisley's first try at eating spaghetti on her own. I haven't been brave enough to let her until now. She loved it!!! She is really trying to use a napkin on her own and usually thinks it is so funny. Keep watching the video, she finally does it! At the end, Rodney's phone made a noise in the kitchen. Paisley's reaction was priceless! Here's a couple more pictures from the spaghetti mess...
She looks so mischeivious in this one! And...the wild hair! Anyone have any suggestions on how I should cut it???? It is seriously a mess like this all the time! I don't want her to have bangs, but I'm really not seeing another option...
What a mess! She had fun and that's what matter most. She also ate almost EVERYTHING!

Our silly Paisley Faith after a quick wipe of the face and hands.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pics to go with "What a busy weekend!"

Paisley playing with the rocks...her new favorite thing to do outside. She just moves them all around everywhere...they never end!

Look Mommy, I picked a flower for you!
Dandelions are the best flowers, you know?!?

Here is the only picture I captured with Paisley and Jake. Since he lives in Tennessee, they have only seen each other a handful of times. They need to play together again soon!

Paisley with Aunt Krista all ready for prom. Aunt Holly was there for support. Wish it was a better picture of Paisley...she wasn't in a posing mood!

The poor flowers...turns out you're not supposed to pick up flowers by the the actual flower. Gotta learn somehow!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a busy weekend!!

I'll add the pictures that go with this soon! Not enough time now...

We started out Saturday with some time outside. I swear, Paisley would be outside 24/7 if we would allow it!

My Uncle Bob, Aunt Sandy, and Jake (my cousin Chris' son) then stopped by for a visit. Paisley and Jake got to play for a little bit. They haven't seen each other for quite a while so it was really cute to see them playing together. So this is the only picture I got of them. Paisley was giving Jake a hug!!

Aunt Krista then came over for me to do her eye makeup for prom. She looked beautiful!

Daddy went to play golf with some friends while Paisley and I went to Nana and Pop's to help them plant some flowers. Poor flowers!!

At the end of a very long day we went out to eat with Colt, Susan, Wade, Katie, Gary, and Erica. We had fun with some great friends. Of course Paisley loved all the attention since there are no other little ones yet! Come on guys... Paisley needs some more friends!!!

On Sunday we went to Mauckport for Rodney's grandpa's bithday. Paisley had lots of fun with her aunts (Rebekah, Sarah, Ericka, and Terah). She was completely wore out!!

We are so fortunate and feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Paisley is one very loved little girl!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Paisley's week...

Poor Paisley! Almost always she is fast asleep when we are in the car. The frog is her favorite...Lily Mae. We never go anywhere without her!

So, this is supposed to be her shopping cart with groceries. This week Paisley has learned that she can climb! What an adventure! She tried and tried to get in the cart. We put her in and pushed her back and forth all over the house. She loved it!

Here is our clean baby girl, in her jammies, and ready for bed. She thinks she is such a big girl drinking her milk with a straw before bed.

Unfortunately, Paisley doesn't like milk unless it has strawberry or chocolate syrup and is in a regular cup. She is a little stubborn!

Paisley has had a very busy week! Her regular babysitter's husband is sick and she hasn't keep her kiddos this week. Paisley has been with someone different every day this week. She has thoroughly enjoyed this, spending lots of time with different people. It's been great for me too, because she has been able to stay at our house most every day. She has loved being home and I have loved not packing the bag every day!

Here is also a picture of Christian and Paisley's play date last week. I'll let Autumn post the rest...