Friday, October 23, 2009

Some things I love about Paisley...

*Every time we get close to our house or pull in the driveway, Paisley yells "HOME!"

*When she is ready to watch her beloved Elmo, we hear "Elma, Elma, Elma!"

*When we go past my mom and dad's..."Nana, Pop, Uncle, Broof"...whoever's name she can think of first.

*Paisley LOVES to eat lemons. She actually eats them, just like any other random fruit. As soon as they sit down my mom's water with lemon at a restaraunt, she immediately starts saying, rather loudly, "memen, memen, memen!"

*She always want to "read, read, read!" I think she's going to be a librarian. The girl is in love with her books. She would rather look at books, read them, or have them read to her, than play with her toys.

I sure do love that little girl!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The ZOO!

We took Paisley to the zoo today for her first trip! We had soooo much fun. Rodney and I really enjoyed it also. It had been several years since either of us had been, and it was time.

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip...

See more pictures...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Reading with Nana

True love, I tell ya!

1st Haircut

Paisley had her first haircut on Thursday. She did such a good job. She was a bit too serious, but really seemed to enjoy it. Taylor'd Designs' newest client. Thanks, Lisa, for being so patient with her!
The before. Think she needed a cut?!?!
All up in a little clip. Too cute!
Let the cutting begin!

The famous, Lisa Taylor. What a cute picture!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A trip to see Nanny

We went for a visit with Nanny (my dad's mom) Saturday evening. She was so excited to see all of us! Paisley usually has trouble behaving when we go to the nursing home, but this time she did VERY well.
Paisley showing Nanny her Disney Princess dolls.

Pop reading a story to his little princess.

Having a serious conversation I am sure!

Good job posing, ladies!

Nanny stealing a hug and kiss before we left.

A visit with Auttie and Christian

Autumn and Christian came to play on Friday night! Autumn and I had a great time catching up. It had been a while, and it was greatly needed! I missed you, best friend! Texting, emailing, and the occasional phone call just isn't the same.
Paisley and Christian had a blast together. They saw each other just a few weeks ago for Christian's first birthday party, but didn't get to play much at all. No Rob, of course Christian didn't play with any dolls (yeah right)!
I was very surprised I was able to capture any decent pictures of them at all, but I they are!
Cutest kids ever, of course!
This is the best picture! Those big eyes will melt hearts!

Paisley thought Christian's hair felt funny I guess. She kept feeling it! Hilarious!

Playing soooo well together.

Is Nemo in there?!?!

Sharing crackers on the Elmo couch. I think at this point Christian had taken one of Paisley's crackers. She wasn't quite sure what to think!

A good-bye kiss! Too cute!

What a great visit with GREAT friends!

Juicy Juice commercial/ad for sure!

Pais thinks she is so big when she gets to hold the juice box all by herself. Her favorite spot to the middle of the kitchen floor of course! She does know she has to sit down though, for the most part there is usually minor spillage.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Milk and Cookies

Who knew a cookie and milk out of a "non-sippy" cup could be so much fun! Rodney handed her a part of a cookie last night and she ran right over to a container that she had emptied (of course...behind her is what was in the container!) and sat in it to eat. It was like she does that all the time. I promise she doesn't! She thinks she is such a big girl when she gets to drink out of our cups without lids or straws. Tonight she even got to hold the cup by herself and take drinks. Because all of her cups are spill proof, she doesn't have to worry about dropping the cup or her new favorite... picking her cup up and violently shaking it to see if there is anything in it. We are really having a hard time introducing "big girl" cups as we are calling them.

She is growing up so quickly we can hardly believe it. She is talking so much now. Her favorite words right now are Elmo, Pop, Nana, Mamaw, home (every time we pull in the driveway), juice (thank goodness, instead of standing at the fridge and screaming), all gone, l-l-l-l-l (LilyMae, her favorite frog), and many others. Her vocabulary is finally blossoming. For a while she was perfectly happy with just yelling until we gave her what she wanted. Sooooo glad that time has passed, for the time being!
Loving getting back in a routine now that I'm back to work for a new school year, but terribly miss those sleeping in mornings and afternoon naps we had this summer!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paisley and Pop on the 4-Wheeler

I'm pretty sure since the day I told our families that Paisley was on the way, Dad has been waiting for this day! Before supper tonight (thanks, Mom!) Dad and Paisley went for a ride on the 4-wheeler. They checked on all the crops, picked a couple of gourds, and just drove around. Paisley thoroughly enjoyed it! Here are a few pictures I was able to capture...

Hand on the key already!!!!

Freezing Corn...what a job!

We needed to freeze corn. I wasn't aware that my dad was picking 5 bushel of corn. It was quite the job. The boys shucked and silked, while the girls cut it off the cob, cooked it, and bagged it for the freezer.

For a short time, Paisley laid on the couch, talked to her baby, and even read a book.
It was a lot of work, but a fun day with the family!

Anniversary dinner

Mom and Dad's anniversary was Friday and they wanted us all to have dinner with them to celebrate. We went out for a very nice dinner and had a FABULOUS evening.

Paisley very much so enjoyed her huge bowl of fruit (this was just a little on a plate). She ate steak and some veggies as well, but I have never seen a child love fruit as much as she does!

The happy couple (even after 27 years)!

Jordan and Michelle.

Rod, Pais, Meg...The Crosier's

Paisley and Pop.

What a great evening! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

What an afternoon

Oh my, to live in Paisley's shoes for an afternoon.
Read a book.
Mow the grass with Daddy. This was her first time and she never moved an inch. I was quite nervous about her riding on the lawnmower, but she did a very good job.
Then come in and take a nap in the recliner (with LilyMae and paci of course)!

Wait a minute...sounds like a great day to me!

It's been a while...

Paisley loving her new baby Nana and Pop brought her home from Florida. She loves that baby! I love this sweet picture of her.
Wow...for some unknown reason Paisley decided to trash our living room one evening. Right down to emptying the top drawer of her book container and literally pulling it out. I couldn't believe it! Rodney and I had to let her do it, she was having so much fun. There were books flying everywhere!!!!!!

Keep in mind-I was attempting to fix supper. Our kitchen is extremely narrow and not the best layout you've ever worked in. This is where Paisley chose to lay and sing songs. What a silly goose!

Jordan and Michelle reading a book to Paisley. Pretty cute! Jordan has chosen well!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This week...

Only one more week until...back to school! Here are some pictures of our week.
I went to school for a couple of hours this week. That is about all Paisley can handle (and look at the mess she managed to make in about the first 5 minutes). Next week, I have a couple days of baby sitters so I can actually get my room ready.

Paisley got a chance to play in the puddles last night. She though it was hilarious! Throwing rocks in the puddle was her favorite! I love her reflection in the water in this picture.

We met Janelle and Adria Nassim for lunch at Qdoba today. They are both home for a few weeks at the same time, before heading back to school. I used to spend every day with them when I worked at Dr. Nassim's office and was their "nanny." We reminisced about all the fun we used to have and had a great lunch. I miss those girls!