Friday, October 23, 2009

Some things I love about Paisley...

*Every time we get close to our house or pull in the driveway, Paisley yells "HOME!"

*When she is ready to watch her beloved Elmo, we hear "Elma, Elma, Elma!"

*When we go past my mom and dad's..."Nana, Pop, Uncle, Broof"...whoever's name she can think of first.

*Paisley LOVES to eat lemons. She actually eats them, just like any other random fruit. As soon as they sit down my mom's water with lemon at a restaraunt, she immediately starts saying, rather loudly, "memen, memen, memen!"

*She always want to "read, read, read!" I think she's going to be a librarian. The girl is in love with her books. She would rather look at books, read them, or have them read to her, than play with her toys.

I sure do love that little girl!!!!!

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